Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanks to a Bodega Camera!

New York City police were hunting Monday for a man who was last seen coming out of a Bronx bodega, minutes after pushing a 61-year-old man in front a moving subway train Sunday near Yankee Stadium, authorities said.

Police have recovered several clips of surveillance video that shows the suspect’s movements immediately after he pushed Wai Kuen Kwok in front of a southbound D train as it was pulling into the station.

Mr. Kwok was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife chased the suspect, shouting “push, push,” but was not able to keep up with him, authorities said. There was no dispute or altercation between the two men before the accident, a law-enforcement official said.
Unlike "Hidden Homicides" this killing was witnessed.

However, it was not recorded on an MTA surveillance camera because there was no MTA camera.

But the accused killer was filmed after the fact, again not by an MTA camera, but by one in a private business, a bodega.

A smarter killer would attack only lone passengers like those twenty-four individuals whose 2012 deaths were classified as "accidents."  With little chance of an MTA camera recording it he would have committed the "perfect" crime.

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